Månedens svømmere december 2020

D. 6. januar 2021.

Kategori: Elitesvømning

Så er månedens svømmere på eliteholdet udnævnt af deres trænere. Her er de, der har gjort sig fortjent til titlen i december måned 2020.





Månedens svømmer Elite Piger



For the end of 2020 we have two girls selected as swimmer of the month, as a recognition of their hard work and good results in DM. Johanne Hingebjerg and Sophie Maagøe have excelled both in practice and in competition. For Joe, after a long fight where she kept pushing her limits through thick and thin, the deserved results came and they couldn’t have been better. Sophie has also been steadily growing throughout the season into a very complete and competitive swimmer, and the medals from DM prove it. Congratulations, girls, well done!

Månedens svømmer Elite Drenge

On the boys side, Valdemar Brøns is the rightful recipient of the swimmer of the month for December. With results in DMJ where his performance was impressive, with several gold medals around his neck and personal bests to match, he kept going strong into DM, bringing another medal home and a few more personal bests, really raising the bar. An amazing effort that comes from all the hard work throughout the season, and a good show of what’s to come. Congratulations, Valde, good job!